Potential Client Questionnaire

What is your overall goal of your website?(i.e: Inform people of services, attract potential customers, keep people updated, etc...) *

How is your website doing now?(i.e: website visitors, web form submissions, online orders, etc...) *

Who would be your target audience for your website? *

How much of your old site would you like to transfer to your new site? *

Do you have a content plan for the new site? *

What type of functionality would you like to use on the site?(i.e: blog, calendar, picture galleries, ecommerce, email marketing, etc...) *

How many pages do you foresee in the initial development?(i.e: 4-5, home, about us, services, etc... *

What is your budget for this site?

When would you like the launch date to be? *

How would you like to promote the new site?(i.e: blog, SEO, social media, web forms, email marketing, etc...) *

What phrases would people use to search for your services, products, or site in general? *

Would you like to be making the updates to the site or have us making them? *

List 3 websites that your like: *

List 3 of your competitors: *